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Manuscripts: collecting and editing



  • Prof. Alberto Cantera (ADA)
  • Prof. Jost Gippert (TITUS)
  • Prof. Almut Hintze (SOAS)

Continuing the work of ADA, further manuscripts will be collected and transcribed. The available manuscripts of the cooperative partners will be joined in ADA. The transcription process will be supported by all members of the cooperation.

For generating stemmata, selected passages of the Avesta will be transcribed for all available manuscripts. Each passage will be evaluated individually by combining local stemmata of single words. These are achieved by the researcher's rating of variants. The Tools for Avestan Text criticism of ADA allows for decisions in uncertain cases. This device will be upgraded by Digital Humanities. The local stemmata will be combined to a global stemma in cooperation with Digital Humanities. An import of the functionalities of the ADA device into the eHumanitiesDesktop is desirable.